Heat Radiation


Molecular bonding technology has realized high performance heat radiation sheets and high heat radiation in composite materials.

Benefits we can provide


High thermal conductivity


High durability


High adhesiveness

Applied Technology

Heat radiation sheet Direct heat radiation by adhesive-free bonding Heat sink(Al) /
Heat radiation sheet /
Cu junction

Application to heat radiation sheet

We are developing heat radiation sheets that are soft and easily transfer heat.
When silicone rubber is highly filled with heat radiation filler to increase the thermal conductivity, the sheet becomes hard and brittle.
By controlling the chemical bonding between the silicone rubber and the radiation filler, as well as within the silicone rubber, it is possible to ensure softness even with a high filling of radiation filler, which contributes to reducing contact thermal resistance and relieving stress due to the difference in thermal expansion coefficient.

heat radiation sheet

Application to direct heat radiation by adhesive-free bonding

Heat radiation performance can be improved by bonding between materials using molecular bonding technology.
The issue with adhesives and physical contact is that it is difficult to transfer heat.
In physical contact, heat transfer is greatly affected by the surface roughness and pressure of the contact surface.
In direct bonding using molecular bonding technology, there is no dependence on pressure and heat can be transferred easily.

Application to direct heat radiation by adhesive-free bonding

The heat sink (Al) and heat radiation sheet, as well as the heat radiation sheet and Cu, can be bonded using molecular bonding technology without using adhesives. The result is a high thermal conductivity metal base substrate with ultra-low elasticity, which is expected to find applications in power electronics, LEDs, and other high-powered electronic devices.

Heat sink (Al) / Heat dissipation sheet / Cu


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