January 7th, 2022

Featured on “Shoku Navi Iwate”

Shoku Navi Iwate               Sulfur Chemical Laboratory Inc.


This URL contains a message from the president, PR points of our company, the human resources we seek, interviews with employees, and a company profile of Sulfur Chemical Laboratory.


The site also includes photos of experiments and measurements as well as laboratories and measurement equipment, which I think helps convey the atmosphere of the company.


In the “Message from the President” section, Kunio Mori, the president of the company, comments on how he started the company, what he is currently working on, his business prospects, and his goal of contributing to the community through his business.


In the “PR Points of our Company” section, three PR points are listed.

(1) Development of molecular bonding technology that uses chemical bonds

(2) Transmitting world-class technology from the region of Iwate

(3) A comfortable working environment with generous treatment and systems


The “Human resources we seek” section does not have a fixed image of human resources, like those who are “____”.

There are items to be posted about what kind of employees are currently active.

That is, most of our employees have no chemical experience or knowledge when they first start working here. Against this background, each of them performs experiments, measurements, analyses, and other chemistry-related tasks, making use of their background and specialties.


In the “Employee Interview” section, you can read an interview of Sasaki about his work.

Sasaki’s answer sums up the episodes that are unique to research and development jobs.


The “Company profile” can be viewed on our website or at this URL.


We would like to express our gratitude to the Iwate Industry Promotion Center for their support in posting our company’s introduction page on Job Navi Iwate.


I hope you will read this article.


Shoku Navi Iwate               Sulfur Chemical Laboratory Inc.


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